Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Council (to post or not to post)

So I haven't posted in a few days. The last several paintings haven't exactly lived up to my standards. OK, they bombed): I felt OK about this one, but there are some things I'm not thrilled about. Since I almost never return to a daily painting to make corrections (when I have tried, it doesn't work) I am stuck with a choice: To post or not to post? The main focus/purpose of these daily paintings for me is about the practice, experience, the habit of painting, so I'm not too concerned about having a run of bad paintings. My concern is that some people check my blog semi-frequently and expect to see a new painting at least every other day. If the audience was just family, friends and fellow artists, I wouldn't be concerned about posting a weak painting for the feedback/constructive criticism, but clients and potential clients read my blog and I'm not sure if it is wise to post work I'm not proud of. I also don't want it to appear that I'm not committed to working diligently. This is where I ask any of you who are actually reading this (as opposed to just viewing the paintings) for your opinions, especially you artists. What decision would you make, to post or not to post? I would really appreciate the feedback. Please visit my blog and website. Thanks.


Barbra said...

Hi Bart
I'm an artist and an admirer of your still lifes. I would recommend doing exactly what you did do. Post, and tell the reader how you feel about the piece.

People love to hear about the artist's process. And by saying that you are not quite satisfied with a particular aspect of a painting, you alert the viewer to the fact that it's not quite up to your usual standard.

I agree with you about this painting. There is something blocky about forms, especially the blue drapery at the bottom.

By the way, there are paintings on your blog that you identify as "lacking" that I would actually buy!

Bart Dluhy said...

Barbra, thanks for your nice comments. I only had one other person respond to this post/question, and they gave me similar advice. As far as my works that I may refer to as “lacking”, we as artists, as I’m sure you know, are most critical of ourselves. We see the “flaws” where others might see “interest.” I point these out, usually, as a description of my process, and my goals on where I would like to improve. I’m sure once I have improved on some of those flaws, I will then recognize new areas of opportunity. As Richard Schmid said, as artists we will always be students.
If you are the Barbra who inquired about purchasing “Inner Glow” I sent a Paypal request to your email address with my Paypal information. If you didn't receive that let me know and I will get you my account information. Again, thanks for your kind words.
-Bart Dluhy

Barbra said...

yes, same Barbra :)

I got your paypal thingy - thank you

and I sent you an email saying that I'd actually like to buy 2 paintings

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